About Us

Started in July 2021 by Cole Wagner, Nurtured Quartz began its journey on the Etsy marketplace selling handmade gemstone bracelets. Now with its own website,  Nurtured Quartz has differentiated its products by offering boutique mala necklaces, custom bracelets, and raw crystal free-forms. 

Our mission at Nurtured Quartz is to plant style, self-love, and crystal healing on every wrist to promote physical and emotional well-being <3

Each order is cleansed with incense before being shipped out to remove any negative energy and to harvest the positive energy from me to you! In addition, each order is packaged using recycled materials.

Our semi-precious gemstone beads and findings have been sourced from other small businesses. Find the metaphysical properties behind these gems on the main menu. Contact us for recommendations for a specific affirmation. For example, "What crystal helps with protection?"